Sunday, July 25, 2010

A garden oddity

We have a garden for the first time in six years!  We chose mostly perennials, with a few annuals thrown in, and two herbs (basil and rosemary).  One of my very favorite perennials is hen and chicks.  My Grandma has always had these and I love them.  If I had realized how easy they were to grow, I just would have snagged a "chick" from her last fall.

We planted these in early summer, which for here means around mid-June.

Just look at them!  All the little chicks aren't even showing.  They're everywhere.  So cute!

crazy little plant

The odd thing about these, for me at least, is that they're actually blooming.  Flowers!  My mom's never did this, and she didn't think my grandma's did either.  I am amazed by the size of these guys.

I'll need to section off all these little chicks so they'll continue to grow, so, the question is this:  Anyone in my area need some hen and chicks? 


The dB family said...

Mine bloom too, but not this year. It's been too dry here I guess. Yours are doing great!


michelle said...

WOW! That is so cool! I love hens & chicks. We have to bring ours in every winter though and last winter the dumb cat ate mine. :-(