Friday, May 14, 2010

Apron from a skirt; A Tutorial

Aprons are all the rage right now, have you noticed? I've been wearing an apron while cooking and cleaning for about a year now because I noticed all my shirts were getting little holes in the front right where my waist hit the counter top. My shirts are now hole-free (except those I still have from pre-apron-wearing days). I had two aprons, both did the job, but they're sort of boring, so I was wanting something cute.

Enter thrift-store skirt. $4. Yowzers.

It doesn't have to fit you exactly. I really liked the design and colors on this skirt. Perfect for an apron!

This particular skirt had a zipper at the back and no elastic.

I'm not much of a sewer....actually, in order to do this project I had to find my sewing machine pedal (which, for reasons unknown to me, but probably done by me, wasn't even packed with my sewing machine). There was some serious dusting involved before I could get to work.

Here are my steps:

1. Measure how wide you want the waist to be. I measured about 3 inches in from the zipper on both sides and marked it with my white pencil all the way up.

2. Cut on the marks. This was the hardest part for me, that first cut. It took a few deep breaths, extra measuring, and looking at the whole skirt again before I could pick up those shears. My mom always said the first cut was the hardest; she was so right!

Here it is with both sides cut.

43/44 collage
3. Hem the sides of the skirt by pinning, then iron it flat. (pretend you're watching me iron this out.....I left the camera downstairs for the ironing)

4. Rip out the zipper from the cut out portion from the back of the skirt.

48&49 collage
5. Rip out the seam of back cut-out to make two strips of material.

No picture of step 6, sorry. Plain forgot.

6. Pin right-sides together on strips and press flat.

50&51&52 collage
7. Sew right-sides together on strips and one end, leave one end open so you can turn the tube when you're done sewing.

53&54&55 collage
8. Turn strips (these are now your apron ties) right-side out (I used a wooden chopstick). Press flat.

57&58 collage
9. Pin open-end of tie inside the seam at top of skirt. Do this to both sides of skirt with the two ties.

10. Sew seam of skirt with tie inside. Do this to both sides.

11. Pin the tie so it's on the outside of your skirt. Hand whip strip to skirt like this:
64&65&66 collage
so you can comfortably tie it around your waist. (this is sort of confusing, I understand that, but I don't know how to explain it better, so just take a good look at the pictures.)

button collage
12. Embellish if desired. I used buttons, obviously.

Tag collage
13. Hand sew a small tab somewhere on the apron so you can hang it up. I used the little piece that came off the zipper piece I cut out of the back of the skirt.


061 crop

There you have it! Pick up a cheap skirt at your local thrift store and try this sometime! You'll just feel so eco-friendly and crafty all at the same time!


Ashlea said...

Your apron is quite crafty and very cute. Great job! Now I know who I need to send all my sewing to...I have NONE of those skills! :)

mwell said...

Beth, that is just DARLING! (and I love the step-by-step photo instructions!)

Thanks for sharing such a cool project! I think I'm going to try this once school is done.


Timi said...

This apron is great!!!
I like sewing very much, so I am going to try this one :o)!

The dB family said...

Very very cute!! Now I seriously regret hanging a skirt that I loved but looked horrible on me back up at the thrift store. It would have made a darling apron.

Thank you for the great tutorial!


Fifi said...

Quick and very clever idea ..... It looks stunning!

Melissa Stover said...

so cute! i love this idea. the colors on that skirt were fabulous.