Thursday, April 29, 2010

I always thought "April Showers" meant rain.

Yesterday, I phoned my oldest friend. I've known her since preschool. My best friend since jr. high. Roommate in college. Maid of honor in each of our weddings.

And I hadn't spoken to her since Thanksgiving.

That's the test of true friendship. You can go forever without talking because life gets busy, and pick back up right where you left off. I love this girl, or I suppose I should call her a woman now, seeing as she's married with three children. But, I think we'll always be girls in my mind.

Kim has just moved, and, like me, has had to move to temporary housing while their new home is built. 95% of her things are in storage, and she's living, basically, out of a suitcase.

I completely relate and empathize. Moving sucks, and we related stories of moving-horror yesterday while our kids nagged us and made us bellow out the sides of our mouth at them while the other smiled and waited our turn on the other side of the line.

Our talk of moving and packing spurned me on to dig out the all the kids' old clothes and go through them. I packed away Owen's old things for Addison, put Emma's old things in a bag for a friend and did the same with Addison's things. Then, keeping with the momentum, I dug out all our mittens, gloves, hats, scarves and gators, boots and snow clothes and put everything in storage for the winter.

Because we've had Spring here and it looked like she just might be staying for awhile....60 degree weather all that.....silly me.

I awoke this morning, April 29, 2010, to THIS:

076 copy

And the snow continues to fall.....

Perhaps we mountain-dwellers should have our own personal quote:

"May showers bring June flowers."


Timi said...

Incredible!!! Snow in April? Almost in May :o)?? Wowww...

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Good old Colorado mountains! My husband's on his way to Winter Park for the men's retreat tomorrow. Last year they had a TON of snow.

Gorgeous shot and it's especially lovely when viewed from someplace warm - like inside. Ha! Ha!

Colorado's so tricky like that - you get all ready for spring and think you're done with winter and then get blasted with more snow. We may even have snow down here early next week!

The dB family said...

Yikes!! And I thought we had up and down weather. So far now snow in April here this year.

What a beautiful photo though!


Kim said...

Let's not make it so long next time-even if we do catch right up :) Here's wishing that spring stays around for you after this snow!