Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Happy Easter To You!

Easter collage

We had a lovely day. It started out snowing (which was not lovely, by the way), but by late afternoon had risen to the low 50s. We had a spontaneous Easter egg hunt in the back yard. I didn't think about the fact that 14 is not equally divisible by three children, hence my baby's very sad and forlorn face. Fortunately, my girl is quick on her feet and promptly "hid" another egg in the bushes to save the day. I couldn't resist posting his sad little lip sticking out, though!

The day was filled with deep discusions about Jesus, His reason for coming to earth, how He rose from the dead (Hallelujah!), and how we will be with Him someday in Glory. It amazes me how little children can understand this amazing message, trust Him with all their hearts and believe!


mwell said...

LOL - Poor Addison. His sad face sure is adorable. (and Emma's grin is too funny!)

We went nice and simple for Easter this year. Bubbles, chalk and kites...too bad my kids can't use them thought because of all the SNOW we just goat again. :-p

I hear it's supposed to be in the 60's by the weekend though. Such is spring in WI.

Hope you're warming up out there!


mwell said...

Hi Beth - I have a question/favor to ask of you.

I took some pictures of the kids this weekend, and I really like them, but I was wondering if I email them to you - could you please make them 'pretty?'

You are so good at editing, and for some reason Picnik just won't work on my computer. :-(

If you don't have the time though...I completely understand. ;-)


Leslie said...

these pictures are hysterical!!!