Thursday, March 11, 2010

I cleaned out my junk and you get to see!

Aren't you excited, now???

Remember Friends' Monica's closet where she hid everything she couldn't find a place for in her apartment? Oh, com'on. I know I'm not the only person out there who watched that show! Well, these seemingly innocent looking drawers are my "closet".


Fairly innocent looking, wouldn't you say?

{I have to provide some history here. We had to move. In a hurry. So all my desk stuff from the other house got dumped in a box, kept in storage for 3 weeks, then dumped into these two drawers when we moved in here.

And there it has stayed.}

Here is what lurks behind the "not-too-bad" drawer.....


We won't even talk about this:

But this....this.....oh, my. This takes the cake. It wouldn't even all fit in the frame.

And, because I feel the need to humiliate myself further for all the internet world, I've broken it down for you.

  1. There were three phone books hiding out in there. Not to mention all the old bills (thankfully, paid), more old receipts, lists and trash.
  2. Adam won't let me near the sticky note aisle. I think he's justified.
  3. Why do I have two chargers for a phone that stopped working? I have no answer for this.
  4. My kids ski passes from last year. Expired. Again, no idea.
and, finally (big heaving sigh, here).....
5. Ironically, there was an empty, unused, large trash bag in the drawer. It's almost as if I had given thought to cleaning things out before packing but, alas, decided against it.

There you have it, folks. The true me.

BUT. I did clean it. And while I still, technically, have a "junk drawer" (who doesn't?), I only have one.
And I can see the bottom of it.
And I know what's in it.

Now if I could just tackle those two boxes of bathroom-related odds and ends I stowed in my closet........


dianne - bunny trails said...

Hooray!!! Isn't that just the most wonderful feeling?!?!? And I can SO relate to the odd things you find in those drawers, closets, boxes, and whatever else! ugh.

Give yourself a big old pat on the back. Way to go! :D

mwell said...

Good for you! My junk drawer is really bad, too - but even worse I have a junk 'shelf' in our linen closet with too much 'hair stuff', old nail polish/makeup, expired medicines, and other things I'm never going to use. (I really need to get on that one of these days, huh?) :-p

BY the way - your cupboards and drawers are gorgeous! (Much better than the 1970's dark wood ones we have!)


Hareem said...

Hmmm. Your "junk" drawer is cleaner than my "clean" drawers. I am mortified.

Fifi said...

hehehe ...... HEY I see an Allen Key ..... now I have one of those in my hide-all draw too... they certainly come in handy if you move alot! You made me laugh .... thanx

Melissa Stover said...

i need to do at least one junk drawer a day. because all mine are junk drawers.