Friday, March 19, 2010

Constructive Criticism at I Heart Faces

Big deep breath: I'm asking for criticism. This is a first for me. Over at I Heart Faces, today is the day you can ask for help with a photo. I'm a non-professional (really? can you tell?), so I'm hoping for some great advice. The editing those photogs can do are amazing. If you are a one of my readers, please know that any criticism received was invited and welcomed.

Here's the original photo. It's my boy. So very him. And that's why I love it. But with the sky grey, the colors are all off, his face is in shadow. Any help??

The original size (largest) can be found on Flickr, please click on photo to take you there.

Here's on of my edits. I use premium Picnik.

Edit 1
I brightened it up with exposure balance and added just a bit of warmth. Better, but not crazy about it.

Here are my picture stats:

Nikon d40
1/100 sec
ISO 400
45 mm


Danielle said...

Hi! What a fun photo of your Owen, I can see why you love it so much! Since the photo is outside in the bright white snow and he has such a great colored jacket on, it is just screaming for some more color! I think adding color to any photo is a must and with those eyes of his, it's a must!
When I am taking photos outside I try and kepp the ISO as low as possible. Especially when you have snow shots, the bright snow is the perfect reflector!
I love using certain actions for my edits. Have you downloaded Pioneer Woman's actions? They are free and fabulous! There is one called fresh and colorful and Bring out the eyes that i used to help your photo out! Here's the link to your edited, photo-hope this helps! Keep up the great and fab work!

CharlotteBellamy said...

Great capture. Your edit is an improvement, but the warming of the image has also warmed the snow....not a good look!

I would try and select the child and then inverse then over expose or lighten the snow. You can then select the child on hos own and warm his tones.

I learnt through trawling web sites that the best way to get good pics in snow (keep it white and get good light) is to increase your exposure just a touch above normal.

If you would like to drop me an email, i'll have a play in PS elements 7 and let you know what I did with it attached.

Happy photographing!

Beth said...

Thank you, both, for your great tips! I love what you all did.....the color punches are great and you lightened up his face nicely. I don't have PS of any sort, only using Picnik, but I love what people can do with PS-type programs. Thanks!


Rebekah said...

Danielle's edit?! A-MAZ-ING! See? These are the kind of things I want to learn how to do! I'm so glad they let us do something like this today! So fun!

Of course, it had to start with a great picture and you did that part all on your own! Great shot! Those cloudy days are such a pain aren't they?