Monday, February 8, 2010

A very "Monday" kind of Monday

It was tough going from the get-go today.

For starters: I awoke after a restless night of sleep because I inadvertently gave a friend wrong information about a meeting she had this weekend. I stress about that sort of thing. Badly. Like tummy-hurting sort of stress. I stressed till I was able to make the two phone calls and send the email I needed to make to resolve it.

Good news: She's precious, my friend is, and laughed when she heard how stressed I was about the situation. Not a mean laugh, no. An oh-I-didn't-even-think-about-it-that-way-and-it's-not-your-fault-at-all sort of laugh. A good laugh. A true-friend's laugh. We then went on to have a really encouraging conversation about kids, husbands and life in general. Do you have a friend like that? You need one. Believe me.

For seconds: I spent a good hour and a half of my morning on the phone with a Dell technician, or rather, several technicians. I'm just going to go ahead and say this right here and now: I will never own another PC again. I might as well be a commercial! I'd even do it for free (or at least a free laptop!) The phone-time, fortunately, wasn't spent entirely talking. Most of it was done by chat, with the tech having remote access to my computer to fix the issue. (Remote access is really quite freaky and rather Big Brother-ish, by the way.) I was glad of the chat, though, because the tech had the sniffles and the constant *snort*, *sniff* and *blow* was really grating on my already fairly thin nerves.

Good news: Problem resolved. For the moment. It will probably break again as soon as the "Seven days peace-of-mind" guarantee runs out.

Thirds: Addison and I ran some errands in town. It was all supposed to take an hour or a bit more. Costco, post office, library to drop off some books. Costco: check. Post office: check. Library: was so warm I took my coat off, stuffed it in the car, shut the door, and.....realized my keys were, yep! in the pocket of my coat now sitting on my seat.

Good news: Thankfully, as I mentioned, I was at the library, so Addison and I were able to pass the hour with some good books and puzzles. Want more good news? Every year since the year we were married we have had AAA. And every year we have more than made up for the cost in one way or another. (*Note: this is not a plug for AAA; however, if you don't have it, think about it. Ok?)

That was my very "Monday" kind of Monday. And it's only 3:00pm. Surely that's enough Monday for my Monday, don't you think?

How has your Monday treated you so far?


Emily said...

I seriously love my MAC so much that I can't believe that it took me this long to get one. BEst money we ever spent. :)

mwell said...

Oh Nooo!
that does sound like a 'typical' Monday. :-(

We do have AAA and LOVE it! (Hotel discounts - even preferred parking at Disney World!) Plus - I manage to drain the battery on our van at least once a year - so it does come in handy! ;-)

I pray your Tuesday is going better!


Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

Funny little thing about my ability to relate to your story? I had a really horrible Tuesday last week...(it was the middle of the time Brian was gone for 6 days and I'll spare you the details)...and I had already promised the kids we would go to the library after school so we went even though I was in no mood. Left the library anxious to go home and found that I had locked my keys in the car along with my cell phone!! With Brian being out of town there were no other keys to be had so we waited for the locksmith to come. When I went to pay (no, we don't have AAA but at least once a year say that we should!) I discovered that I left my wallet in the library. Thankfully it was covered by the phone book I'd gotten out and not put away (too stressed!). My next day was better and I hope that your week has been better too!

Fifi said...
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Fifi said...
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Fifi said...

Heck, my Monday was not as wild as yours... for sure!!
So glad you made it through the day (hehe)..... I can always hear in your writing that even though the curved balls get thrown at you, you still manage to cope so well! I think it's because you really do have a wonderful attitude towards life!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Oh, you poor thing~Monday indeed! Loved that you were by the Library:)

I DO have a friend(s) like that and feel so very fortunate. I am just like you and worry about things like that too.