Thursday, February 18, 2010

A benefit of living in a ski resort town


With 300+ inches of snow every year lasting seven months out of the year and ski runs practically in your back yard, you might as well take advantage of the weather.

Hence, Ski Fridays!

Every Friday in the second term at our school, our students head out after an early lunch to the slopes to get a few runs in with their teachers and friends.

As our locals say, Think Snow. Ironically, the rest of our country is saying, Think NO snow!! I guess the grass is always greener.


mwell said...

That is SO cool!
(Love the photo, too!) ;-)

Oliver said...

Incredible! School is different every where- isn't it?!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

If I had had that as a kid that would have been wonderful! I know for sure my daughter would LOVE that. She really did take right to skiing, I don't think she stopped smiling after went she went up the lift that first time. I have no doubt with a little practice my son will be right there with her:)
What a great thing for your kids!!