Saturday, January 9, 2010

Work in progress

Living room

This is our living room. While I love it, and it has a lot of potential, at the moment that's all it has: potential. It needs color, pictures on the wall, vases, flowers, anything!

With all those bare walls in mind, I splurged and ordered a bunch of prints I've been meaning to have done for a long time. I don't get pictures printed the way I should, but from listening to others of you out there in the bloggy world, I'm not alone.

I used a company recommended to me that I've used once before, and the colors were perfect, the finish professional quality. (All for non-professional cost; a bonus.) Whenever I do happen to order prints, I get that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach before I open the package. I've just spent a decent amount of money--what if they turn out horrible? What it what looks good on my computer just doesn't translate well to paper?


My nauseousness was in vain!



I spent a quiet afternoon working on getting them where I wanted them.


Even Winnie gave support. She's such a help. I believe this is right before her deep exhale blew those pictures off the frame.


I came downstairs to this:


An entire Styrofoam square shredded to bits. Here, my baby is telling me how he did it. I believe he was proud. Notice how, once again, Winnie is just full of guidance? She's no Nana. (The Darling's nursemaid pooch, not my children's paternal grandmother!)

Now, someone get me a hammer and some nails! It's time to hang some pictures!


Kim said...

The pictures look wonderful. Good for you for getting it done! You'll have to post the "after" pic too. Your fireplace looks fabulously warm and inviting! Do you use it? It's so stinkin' cold here-I would love to curl up in front of a fire!

Melissa Stover said...

show us the after too!

Hareem said...

Love this post, Beth. Your photo projects are so inspiring. Hope you'll post some 'After' photos next to your 'Before' ones. And Addison is so grown up and beautiful!

Emily said...

I want to see the after too!

Anonymous said...

Love your pics Beth! You do such a good job. You inspire me. I'm starting to look for a new camera. What do you recommend that is very easy to use? Pam

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Your room is beautiful with lots of wonderful light!
Your pictures look great, I'm with Melissa, be sure and show us after you hang them. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get them printed?
Your dog is huge! Even bigger than our overgrown puppy.
Aww I love Nana:) Too bad our dog can't be more like that!

dianne - bunny trails said...

How exciting to get those up. I can't wait to get some photos up on my red wall. I love your living room - it's very open and inviting.