Monday, January 25, 2010

A Reminder of the Miracles

I was fiddling around with Wordpress this morning and realized I had apparently already started an account there, had just forgotten about it, and was reading some things I had posted. The following was written about a week after getting to my parents house after we moved from New York.

".....the newness and fun-ness has worn off. We have had a few harder days with Emma, disobeying just slightly, a few sassy comments, that sort of thing. But tonight was the meltdown I knew was coming. Of course, her crying upset Owen so he couldn't go to sleep when he was really ready. The result: Owen walked out after being in bed for half and hour, on the verge of tears because he "really misses New York." I've been wondering when this would all come to a head. It's inevitable, and we've moved enough to know it's rough on the kids. I'm so ready to be in a place longer than 18 months."

Then, in another section, I read what I had written as a "Why" to my blog:

"Each day can be so monotonous. But there truly are miracles each day we are alive. I see that in my kids, in God’s creation, in the challenges and blessings in my life. This is the place I come to record these miracles."

My miracle-moment today was this: We have now been here for 19 months! That's the longest we've been in a place in five years. And it feels good. And it reminds me that God is good, whether we're moving or not, whether I feel safe or not, whether the miracles are in-my-face or not. God is good. Our life is a miracle.


The Breedloves said...

I do have to admit, I miss seeing that miracle on a daily basis. Sigh... but 19 months is a good thing. We love you Dube Family

dianne - bunny trails said...

Yep - God is always good. Congrats on 19 months! Perspective is a very good thing.