Saturday, January 30, 2010

Please excuse my spelling, it was never my strong suit.

My mom just emailed me to say I'd misspelled the word "steel" in my last post. Spelling it "steal" would be a whole new meaning, wouldn't it? I've corrected it, but thought I'd give kudos to my Mom, my first teacher and friend. Thanks, Mom, for keeping me from embarrassment, yet again. Too bad you couldn't have kept me from those big bangs in the '80s.


Anonymous said...

I predict the big 80s hair (notice I say "hair" - mine didn't stop with the bangs!) will make a comeback in time for Emma's high school years.


mwell said...

You have no idea how often I have to edit my posts because of misspellings - and even then some slip past me. I also cannot type the word from. It comes out form every single time. My fingers just want to type it that way so I have to proofread all of my entries. (and spellcheck doesn't catch it either because form is a real word.

LOL about the big bangs. We ALL had them in the 80's, so you were cool! ;-)