Friday, December 11, 2009

Keeping It Real

new house
Note: Clearly, this was taken well before the snow dump of last week.

This new neighborhood we moved into is unlike nearly every other neighborhood in our valley. The main difference being that it's, well, it's a neighborhood. Filled with people who live here, get this, year-round. What a novel idea, to have one home, where you live, play and work, all in the same community. Where you know your neighbors, know their kids, know their dogs.

You see, we live in what's considered a "resort town." There are ski slopes which, of course, bring tourists seven months out of the year. And then in the other five months, we have all the other outdoor adventures people seek in a vacation: zip-lines, camping, hiking, rafting, kayaking, and rock-climbing, just to name a few.

If one happens to not be the outdoorsy type, never fear! Salons, spas and shopping abound. Luxury hotels and businesses made purely to cater to any need one may or may not have known one even had are at a simple beck and call.

And, up until two weeks ago, we lived in the thick of that resort-type action. Now we live in an honest-to-goodness neighborhood. With people. People who walk their dogs. People who play in the backyard with their kids. Who talk to their neighbors over the fence because their neighbor is there and not currently living in their other home.

Did I mention we live in a neighborhood?

A neighborhood with street names like Robin's Egg Lane, Haystacker Court, Deep Eddy Cove, and Fourth of July Rd (seriously!). How much more quaint does it get?

And while I sit in my home, enjoying the feeling of "neighborhoodness," I know that someday, hopefully not in the near, near future, but someday the Wander Bug will come knocking on our lovely door. We will begin to feel stale, stagnant, restless. We will begin looking for the next thing. Interviews will be had, homes or apartments will be looked at, a moving truck will be reserved and all the boxes that we just finished putting away under the stairs will find their way back into our lives again.

That's surprisingly not depressing to me, I'm just trying to keep it real here. Keeping it real keeps me level headed.


mwell said...

THAT's your house?!?!?!!!!
It is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously!!!
Like "Better Homes and Gardens" beautiful!
I am SOOOO happy for you!

And when you get restless...just remember - things are pretty nice up her in Wisconsin ...(and you're alsredy used to cold and snow - sot you'll be all set!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house! Can't wait to see pics of the inside. Who know, maybe I'll get to see it someday. :) Kids have had no school for the last 3 days due to snow. Miss you!! Pam

Emily said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!!! It's amazing! I love the color. It is so cheerful and classy.