Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting our Tree the Old Fashioned Way


It was such a cold day. But, as we had already made plans with friends to go tree hunting and told our kids we were going, we couldn't exactly cancel. Although we tried. And then both Adam and I felt like loser parents so we relented.

And it was fun!

I've never done it before. Usually we head on over to any of the local tree lots to choose from the selection of pre-cut, pre-shook, pre-trimmed Christmas trees. But, in a spirit of can-do-ness (and it was just flat out cheap) we took up our hiking shoes, dug out our snow gear, grabbed the ol' saw and headed out into the woods and up the mountain to find our perfect tree.


I tell ya what, those hills are a lot steeper coming up with a big heavy tree then they are sliding down on your tush.





Timi said...

What fun is it to choose your own perfect tree! And you have snow!! Unfortunatelly, we have only rain...But I do hope we will have white Christmas!

Oliver said...

Kudos to you for cutting down your own tree and hauling up the mountain! Did it put you in the Christmas spirit??

Michelle said...

Now THAT is impressive! (We cut our own, but we went to a tree farm)
You got the real deal!