Monday, December 7, 2009

A Dog's Impression

The cable guy came today. He seemed nice enough till he stepped into the living room and Winnie growled at him. Winnie. Growled at him.

This dog has never growled at anyone that I've actually let into the house.

(She once growled at our friends who came in from out of town once, but she was in her crate, couldn't see them and didn't know if we were there. etc, etc, etc.)

But anyway....

It started me thinking about what kind of person this man is that I let in my house. I soon forgot about the incident.

Until he started telling me how other dogs have bit him. Hmmm. If dogs don't like a specific person, does that tell you something about that person's character? Their MO. Their past, present and/or future? Is it insignificant?

Should I be worried?

I'll just say this: I didn't let him out of my sight for the rest of the afternoon.


mwell said...

Oooh that's spooky!

I think dogs are an *excellent* just of character most of the time!!

(There are a few exceptions...)

Paul is terrified of German shepherds, because he was attacked by one as a kid. My aunt has one, and every time we go to her house she has to lock the dog away because he barks/growls at poor Paul. The dog must sense the fear/tension, because Paul says he is ready to 'fight him off' from the moment we walk in the door. (Talk about a vicious cycle!)

Maybe your cable guy is just afraid of dogs? (But I still wouldn't let him out of my sight...and I'd probably keep my cell phone in hand, too.) ;-)

The Breedloves said...

Right - exactly what i was going to say! I'm afraid of dogs....and they ALWAYS bark/growl at me. I'm nice...right?

Beth said...

Court: Absolutely!! I didn't know you were afraid of dogs. You would love Winnie, but she is big, so it may take some time. If any dog is going to win you over, it's her. That's how sweet she is!

Michelle: Poor Paul! I've met some really wonderful Shepherds, but also some very nasty ones!