Monday, November 30, 2009

We're In!!

Unfortunately, I only have internet access thanks to a kind neighbor (whoever that may be.....!) so I won't be on much till next Monday. Can you believe our phone/internet company has NO ONE who can come out and hook our house up for a phone line before then? No one. Amazing.

Thanksgiving was spent with precious friends, and then Friday started The Move. This makes 10, by the way. Ten moves. In 11 years. I'm thinking to hold off on the 11th move for awhile. Thoughts?


Kim said...

I'm worn out just thinking about you moving that many times! I vote you stay put a while...until you're ready to come back to MO!!

dianne - bunny trails said...

Fortunately when we moved a lot, it was before kids. We lived in 11 places in the first 8 years of marriage (a couple were temporary w/family, but still...). We lived in that 11th house for 11 1/2 years! Our oldest was 6 months old and our youngest was born while we lived there. Since then, we moved into our last house (rented for 3 years) and now our current house (1 year).

23 years of marriage = 13 homes :D