Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Unthinkable

Posting without pictures, that is. But apparently I have gone from a not-so-stellar internet connection at the previous house, to a waaaaaay-not-so-stellar internet connection here at the current house! Did I just lose you?

Let me back up......

We had to move.

From the Ranch.

Really quickly.

Three days, to be exact.

(That's my record, by the way.)

God blessed us with a home of unbelievable proportions in the time from when we had to move till when we can move into our new home.

Yes. That's correct. I just said new home. More on this, when I know what that happens to be.

Our current arrangement is for approximately 3 weeks and 3 days. I have it down to a science. But this said current arrangement has that same said not-so-stellar internet connection. Remember? Please try to keep up. I'm a person who can gather an entire household into a moving van in 3 days flat! Don't mess with me, man.

Did I just say that? Sorry. My face is hot right now.

Focus, Beth.

Ok, so writing a post without pictures just seems unthinkable to me, and wrong and it fills me with all sorts of weird feelings that I'm just not willing to deal with right now. For these reasons, and many others I'll not bore you (anymore) with, I will now commence with adding random photos simply so I can write a stinking post again!! I admit to having a photo-related-problem. We can deal with this at another time.


There, it's off my chest.

When my life goes haywire, I tend to curl into a little ball and hide from my blog. The other part of me, the so called real part of me that has phone calls to make, boxes to pack, children to feed and other things that just will not go away keeps going, flourishes and I become somebody I just don't quite recognize when things are going smoothly (i.e. no imminent meltdowns).

Eating sweets in Palisades

I mentioned His name earlier. God. He has been the biggest part in all this. Even the whole have-to-move-out-thing. Thank goodness HE knows all that is to come, what's best for us, and that HE will be glorified. Thank goodness I don't have control over my own life. What a very scary, scary place it would be.

I will fill in all the in-your-face blanks and questions my two readers will have after reading this post. (Hi Mom and Mom-in-Law!). Actually, since it's only you two, you already know all this stuff!

Silence echoing........

Enjoy the randomness. Ah, I never quite answered why these are all seemingly randomly chosen pictures. Flickr won't upload any of my photos because my not-so-stellar internet connection is, well, not-so-stellar. It's a turtle. Molasses. Goo. It's just plain slow!



Teresa said...

I was driving home from work 2 nights ago and wanted to call you so bad! But I wasn't sure if the number I have is any good since you just moved.

Also, a confession: I am one of those people that reads your blog regularly but never comments. Lately it takes all my energy to make it through the day (as I know you are aware, pregnancy is hard work!), and I have a hard time finding words...but I always read. :) I miss you guys a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth! Add another reader to your blog! I do read it I just forget to comment. But have you noticed I've been trying to comment more lately? Sorry for such a moving mess. Yuck. You are definetly the master of moving. I'll pray for you. Miss you! Pam

mwell said...

I'm still here, too, Beth!
I haven't been online as much as I'd like lately either (we're not moving - just hauling our kids around to a gazillion lessons of this and that) :P

I am SUPER excited for you, though!
Best wishes for a warm and happy Thanksgiving - no matter where you're at!