Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project 365, a new twist

Have you done this? I started a 365 project last year, then around April it started to peter out. Just the other day, I noticed the blog I had started in my dashboard to showcase that project and realized I had not only let it slide, but had completely abandoned it altogether. I'm pathetic!

So here's a new way to make me feel pathetic, but this way actually may just keep me going. Shuttercal is where you do your 365, then turn it into a calendar. Woah. That just might be something I can hang onto. Besides, by January 1st of 2010, I might just be done with the whole moving-every-12-months-or-so-thing (at least for awhile, right?) so life can get back to "normal"......whatever that is.

Here's an exceedingly random photo taken last week while we were trick-or-treating in Vail Village with absolutely nothing in common with the previous two paragraphs. I just can't hardly stand a post without a photo.

So sue me.

Just don't make me move again.

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The Breedloves said...

Beth Dube - I sure do like you.