Thursday, October 29, 2009

Come on Three!

I missed it. Here, at least. Not in reality.

There were the presents. The cupcakes. The ice cream.

We sang Happy Birthday. He blew out the candles.

But it wasn't recorded here.



Happy Birthday, my Baby!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Addison! Isn't there something sad about your baby turning 3? I think it is because it is the year they start to seem so...unbaby like!
Call me when you are all settled in the new home!

Michelle said...

Oh man...Beth, that just seems impossible! It seems like just yesterday you guys were in Korea...
I remember reading about how nervous you were to give birth there...
3?! Just....Wow!

Happy Birthday, Addison and many , MANY more!


Beth said...

I know, Michelle, I feel the exact same way!! It's so very hard to believe. It's also hard to believe that a year ago we were worried about him not talking at all, and now he won't keep his mouth shut :) They grow so fast.....

And, Kim, sometimes he is so unbaby-like, and then the next minute he just wants to cuddle and I think, I still have my baby!!