Friday, September 18, 2009

A mistake

Have you ever taken what should be the perfect picture, only to realize that something was Maybe there was a twig sticking out behind your kid's head, making him look like a reindeer. Maybe it was that your beautiful red couch clashed horribly with your friend's crimson sweater. Whatever the case, you most likely didn't notice it until after you downloaded them onto your computer.

I did this today.


I took the cutest pictures of my baby. The light was just right. He didn't have a runny nose. He was actually in the mood to look pleasant and let me pose him and everything! (Ok, his nose was running, but not badly.)


But there was one thing off. Very off. I'm new to this whole going-off-automatic-thing.


Have you noticed it yet? They're grainy!! Yuck! I forgot to change the ISO. Why was it so high in the first place? Can I fix these in post-editing? Please tell me. If you have tips, I need them!


1 comment:

Fifi said...

They are gorgeous pics Beth!
Focused or not!
I am not able to help you in any way .... sorry!