Thursday, September 24, 2009


How are boys and girls different, Mom?
(Owen asked me that last week. I replied simply.
"Boys have short hair and girls have long hair."
It satisfied him. For the time being....)


I left my kids and husband last weekend to visit my Grandma and celebrate her 87th birthday. Many people came to celebrate her, as well.

The sun was hot as the party started so we all decided to move from the front of the church yard to a more shady spot. If this had been a group of women, they would have all clustered together in a small circle so talk would be easy. Heads would be tilted toward one another. An arm might even be resting on a friend.

Just another difference between the sexes.

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Emily said...

I really like the angle of the picture above! Very cute. and there's no reason to confuse a kid w/ the REAL differences of men/ women. ugh. They're vast and a little confusing if we're going to be honest! haha