Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home on the Range

This past weekend, our friends went to a horse show. They had some engine trouble at the start so ended up running a bit late. Adam told them to get going and our kids would take care of the horses stalls.
They were sweet enough to take us up on the offer. Yeah, I just said "they were sweet" because it honestly makes these three city kids happy!
For the next hour, while Adam and I tried to eat breakfast and get the morning started, we were harassed by three antsy kids to muck out horse stalls. No kidding.

After the mucking, we loaded up all, stuff, into the Ranger and took off to dump it in a less conspicuous spot than the driveway.

It actually is really rewarding work. Satisfying, even.

Then, we got to the fun part. We live in a canyon, have I told you that? We're surrounded by beautiful red rock and sage covered mountains. When you get on the top, this is what it looks like.
Good Golly, Miss Molly!
We came to a part where there was a gate, so we all hopped out for a short hike. Since we didn't bring water, suncreen or hats, we made it quick.

I thought this was a fun shot of our house.



I even talked these guys into posing for a group picture. I had to tinker with the timer to figure it out, but we got it! Addison even complied with a finger up the nose. Nice.


Emily said...

I'm loving your pictures in this post! The close up of the yellowish flower is awesome. and those mountains are SO fascinating!

mwell said...

WOW! That is breathtaking! (the view - not the horse muck - lol)
And that's your HOUSE?!?!?

I love the family photo -even with the finger in the nose. :-)