Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of School

Here we have the as-good-as-it-gets-for-being-up-at-6am-1st-day-of-school shot. Six o'clock came very early this first day of school. I don't really expect it to get easier, either, especially once the snow starts to fly. Which will be the day after Labor Day.


Despite the sleep in their eyes, the kids were so very excited. My girl has the new teacher to 2nd grade this year. I just have to say, I am thrilled with this lady already! The day clearly went well for her: when we got home from school, she and the boys promptly started playing (what else?) "school" and she told them to call her "Ms. K****!" (her teacher's name)

My boy's day want equally well. I must have heard, "Ms. B**** says _____(fill in blank)" about a million times. I love it! I love that we are blessed with wonderful teachers at a great school. I love that there's a little bit of worship over those teachers.

I also love that Adam took them this second morning of school instead of me.

Oh, and my baby. I guess all the times of telling him that he was not going to school the past few weeks finally paid off. When we saw the headmaster of our school Sunday evening, he actually told him "I not go to school." Well! Sure enough, he said good-bye to his sibs just fine and he and I went off for a day together. He was absolutely giddy with delight. There's just no other word for it! For the child who has always had to yell to be heard (at least, that's what he thinks), one-on-one time with no competition for Mama's attention is paradise!

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