Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Relatives Came*

*If you haven't read this book by Cynthia Rylant, go to your library and get it. Now.

This is my brother, Dave, and his family. I'm so annoyed I didn't get a shot with just him and me together. Guess there'll have to be a "next time," Dave!

I guess I could crop this one to make it look like it's just the two of us....



We were able to do lots of fun things. One day we went rafting. I got this great shot of Dave and his sweet wife, DeAnne, on the bus to the river. I was only 9 (or something close to that age) when they got married, so I considered DeAnne my adopted sister. I'd never had a sister, just two bossy older brothers. (Sorry, guys, but it's true. You're much better now, though!) I was pretty lucky to gain her!


Dave really wanted to hike a "14er." That's the code name for any mountain over 14,000 ft. That's a doosy of a mountain. Those are the mountains where the snow stays till mid-July and the trees won't even grow. As a former Marine, he sees each obstacle as a challenge (much like my own former-Marine-husband), so it took some work, but I was able to talk him into an easier hike.

After all, he'd already ran a few miles the day after he got here.
And biked 40 miles with Adam.
And gone on a 2 hour trail ride with his family.
I wanted him to go back to Texas with all his muscles and bones in tact. And to want to come back here some day.
We chose the Hanging Lake hike.

Everyone went on the hike except Adam. Work still must be done! Thank goodness Dave was willing and able to carry Addison. This kid's got the rest of this year in the pack. Next year--get some hiking boots, Kid!

This is Hannah, Emma and Sarah, with just a touch of Owen showing.

Grandpa loved every minute of it.


That hike is only 1.2 miles, but it's a butt-kicker as it's all striaght up. But the top. Oh, the top!


Wasn't it worth it, DeAnne? Didn't I say it was worth it?

This is why I hiked up this mountain again! The beauty amazes me each time.

Me and my mountain goats. This is the first time Owen hiked the entire thing all on his own. In the past, he's needed to be carried part of the time. Gettin' stronger! I was so proud of him, and he was proud of himself, too!

You know who else I'm proud of? My mom. 67 years old! Hiked straight up a mountain! Never complained once, either, even though I was honestly afraid we might have to carry her down. (Forgive me, Mom, it's true, I was nervous.) What a woman! Look at that look of happy exhaustion.

I love ya, Big Brother! Thanks for great visit!

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