Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our town hosts a fun, family FREE series of concerts every summer. They call it Hot Summer Nights, which really tickles me as the hottest it gets here is 90 (maybe) and there's no humidity. I'm a Midwest girl, people! How about 90 degrees, after sunset, with 90% humidity, huh? Huh? How about that! I'll give ya hot!

So the concert series.....

It's free and fun. It's free, did I say that? I'm all about the free right now, and, really, who isn't? This particular night was snazzy tap dancers with, get this: Break dancers! Seriously! Adam and I were so pumped. And I actually heard him say he hoped the whole '80s look was coming back to stay. Um, Honey? The Eighties? Reminder: Big hair, tight pants, Boy George......But there was break dancing, Cyndi Lauper and the Cosby Show. Ok, maybe it wasn't all bad. Just one more thing: Tight-rolled jeans. Ooo.

Concert series.........


We met our friends there (above, Emma with her friend, Emma) for a picnic and the, yeah you guessed it, free concert. Owen enjoyed the music and dancing so much he almost forgot to do silly things with my hair.

Fortunately, he remembered just in time and Emma was right there with the camera.
Ahhh, my prodigy.

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mwell said...

Ha - (I loved my tight rolled jeans!)

As for the rest of the 80's well...I could take or leave it. (Although a Duran Duran comeback would be cool - LOL)