Friday, August 28, 2009

The NEXT Button

How could I have missed such a very cool feature?! Have you heard about the Next Button? It will change your life. Ok, that is probably too extreme of a statement, but it will definitely change your blog reading habits if you use a reader. It actually makes reading blogs faster (a big time-bonus), and makes posting comments (something I'm really trying to improve upon) much easier. I love the handiness of the reader, but really miss actually going to the sites! An author spends so much time and effort (don't I know it) on a blog that it seems a shame to not actually visit the site directly, see the layout, look at the side bars, get inspired.

Melissa talked about it on her blog the other day, so I looked it up and started using it. Amazing! It's a button you place on your toolbox bar (at the top). When you go to your reader, you can click on the first blog post that pops up to take you directly to that blog site. Then, when you're done reading that blog, all you do is click "Next" and it takes you immediately to the next blog on your reader! How cool is that? Want to try it? Go here for a better explanation on how to get this for yourself.

Such a small thing, but I am, like a lot of you, trying to maximize my time and this is a great step. School starts Monday......time-maximization has never looked better!

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