Monday, August 17, 2009

Going off Auto: f/stops

F-huh? Yeah. That was me exactly before I read Melissa's tutorial on what they are, how you can change them, what they do and whatnot. Well, it's still me to an extent, but I'm learning by doing. So, here we go, show-and-tell!
Oh, and I should warn you, these pictures are really very, very exciting.

Above we have a scent diffuser with my coffee cup in the background. This is the precise reason I warned you about the excitement level in advance
ISO 400

ISO 400

ISO 400

I'm still working on how to use this information in my real-day shooting. I feel my brain wanting to put all other knowledge on hold while I work through this whole f/stop business. Must. keep. working.....


Melissa Stover said...

very cool! you can really see the difference.

mwell said...

SUPER cool! (Man...I am coveting your camera now - LOL.)