Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

I'll post the obligatory first day of school picture tomorrow after I download it, but here, tonight, I'm just a teensy bit having a Mommy-moment. Not a screaming at the kids to put their socks in the hamper moment. Not right now at least. But a oh my, my middle-baby just started Kindergarten moment. And then I went to my Reader just now and LOOK at what I saw! Go ahead, click on it and just taste it, please? Then come back here and see where my mind is right now.

And, NO I don't really want another baby, and what it all entails, but jeese-louise! can you just get a load of these sweetnesses?

misc. 006
My boy and my girl

my baby

misc. Iowa 029
my boy

Unfortunately, that's about the youngest picture I have of my girl since she was born pre-digital camera, but she is still just a BABY to me here.

Sigh. Many, many sighs.


Kim said...

They're gorgeous now...and then. Isn't it crazy how fast we seem to get here? I held a newborn this weekend and just can't even remember any of them being that small-and Luke is only 8 months!

mwell said...

I'll join you with those sighs. (I would love another tiny one....SOME days.) ;-)

Your babies are simply adorable - but then again, so are your big kids. :-)