Monday, July 6, 2009

We're in. Boxes are coming undone. All's good.

The scenery has changed a bit for our family.

This is Simba. Remember him? I was going to borrow sugar from him. He's a sweetie.

Woah, dude. Simba is of the friendly persuasion.

Meet Keswick. He's the old man of the group, but you'd never know it. He likes to pretend to almost roll Winnie. She loves it. Really.


Boo! No, really, this is Boo. He's sort of shy. Look at him! Hiding behind the flowers.
Don't let him fool you. His mouth is full of those yellow petals.
And he's anything but shy.

Look at this pathetic puppy. Relegated to the harsh, outside elements after living for months in the lap of luxury that is our home.
Don't let her fool you, either.
She's in heaven.
Absolute dog heaven.


Kim said...

I would love to have horses for neighbors! All of the fun, none of the work! Can your kids learn to ride? And the view out your deck is gorgeous. Brian and I are both jealous!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that poor neglected puppy....she looks miserable! (giggle)
Those horses are so beautiful. Julie would be on cloud 9!

And what a view! (So do we get a tour when you're done unpacking? - lol)

I'm glad the move went well!