Sunday, July 19, 2009

It fits

My boy's birthday is Tuesday.
He'll be 5 years old.

Again, I find myself asking, "How is this possible?"


I remember the entire pork chop I ate the night he was born. It was really good.

I remember the movie we saw the night he was born. It was I, Robot.


I remember how labor absolutely stopped right after my water broke, and, after 12 hours or so of nothing, this boy had to be forced to come into this world.


And nothing has been different since.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right Beth, that's so Owen! He certainly has a very original personality. Happy birthday handsome boy! Pam

mwell said...

Five?! Wow, you're right...that doesn't seem possible!

Happy Birthday, Owen!
PS - (He has got the best expressions. He just cracks me up)

Beth said...

Thanks, guys! We love his expressions, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (a little early) to Owen. I love his expression in the pic with his helmet on. Kim