Friday, June 19, 2009

Where have I been?


Hi y'all. Beth here. Just a short notice to let you all know we're still here, alive and kicking.


Our friends were here this week, escaping the heat of Texas (it was in the 100s when they left there, came here and immediately had to dig out their cold weather gear from when they inhabited the Northeast). We all headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for some hiking and camping!


I'll post more pictures tomorrow, but I was afraid my friend Tracy might think we'd dropped off the face of the earth if I didn't post something soon. These are straight out of the camera, in all their unedited glory.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was starting to wonder! :) Hope you're all having a great time!


mwell said...

How fun! I've been begging Paul to go camping - I just can't seem to motivate him, though. :-(
(Plus I don't know how we'd haul all of our gear only having the one van now.)???

I'll just live vicariously through your photos - lol.