Monday, June 1, 2009

West for warmer weather

At least that was our hope for Memorial Day weekend. Why must it always rain on Memorial Day? Our last trip to Fruita, in mid-March, was actually much nicer weather-wise. However, school was out and we were dying to get out of the Valley.


My parents were visiting so we all piled in and drove off. We started off at Chuck E. Cheese's pizza joint. I realize that's not exactly nature-loving, but our kids have been hounding us to go ever since living in NYC. (We had to pass one in Harlem every single time we got on the subway.) It was a treat, and they really enjoyed their time!


This look on Emma's face didn't disappear until we went to leave and found that it was pouring down rain.


Addison was on high alert. He wasn't keen on the big rat that kept wanting to high-five him. I finally had to start physically shielding him from the bugger. I think the rat got some sort of kick out of scaring the 2 1/2 year old.


But he got his first taste of cotton candy. All rat-fear was soon lost in the ecstasy of spun sugar.


Saturday it was party sunny in the morning, so we went to visit the Colorado National Monument. It really was beautiful.


My parents were smart enough to bring their binoculars. The kids pretty much took over.



Look! A picture of almost everyone looking at the camera!


I was so glad to get this shot of my parents and the kids. It seems like most of the time I only remember to get them all together right as my parents are saying goodbye. Not the best time for a good picture!


The kids found some sandstone they were having fun breaking up. Don't let that look of extreme concentration fool you. Even Addison was breaking the stuff right on his head.


There were so many pretty flowers I couldn't resist shooting. I'll just post my favorite shot and leave you with that. We were all thankful for a nice weekend, but most of all for a great visit from Mom and Dad!

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mwell said...

What a wonderful trip!
It looks like you all had such a nice time. I LOVE that family photo. We really don't have many of those,(probably because i don't look nearly as nice as you, and I hate having my own picture taken.) :p

But your's is gorgeous! Great photos with the grandparents, too!