Saturday, June 6, 2009

A day out with grown-ups


Thursday my friend, Shawna, had a birthday get-together. We had lunch at her sister-in-law's house and then went for a long hike up a trail that was new to me.

Note: I just had a huge discussion with my English-major-husband about the proper form of "sister-in-law's" possessive verses "sister's-in-law" plural. He's amazing. I really mean that.

Do you know what a switch-back is? It's a handy invention someone thought of who was tired of hiking straight up a mountainside. Wikipedia defines it as "a road or trail joined by hairpin bends".


Well, this trail we hiked Thursday must have been made before anyone knew about switch-backs. Seriously, straight. up. the. mountain. But it was fun. I was with friends. Adults, no less. And the sun was shining.

I realized I've only hiked with Adam and my kids. And let me tell you, hiking with adults is a whole new experience. Guess what? Adults don't take the same number of breaks that kids take. In fact, adults hardly take breaks at all! I am such a wuss. I needed a break long before my fellow-hikers did. But you know, it was really fun. And the sweat and sucking wind was well worth the conversation.

When I could actually breath enough to speak.

And I actually got some exercise.

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mwell said...

WOW, what a view! - It sounds like so much fun (but I would have been huffing and puffing,too!) LOL!