Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Somebody should have told me


Why must summer be so busy? I'm waiting for those lazy days of summer everyone is always talking and singing songs about. I haven't had a lazy day of summer since I was in high school. Is that it? Does adulthood constitute no lazy summer days? This is news to me. Why was I not informed? I blame my parents.

Just kidding, Mom and Dad!

looking away

I'll blame my older brothers. They were both adults long before me. They should have warned me.

And they don't read this blog. Blaming them sounds safe and reasonable.


Besides, isn't that the typical baby sister thing to do? I'm all about making sure stereotypes stay in place.


mwell said...

That picture of the 3 'blondies' is so precious. Owen and Addison look like twins! Gorgeous horses too! (Are they your new 'neighbors?') ;-)

Beth said...

Some adults may end up with a lazy summer day....just not the ones with 3 kids!!!! I keep waiting for the same day :) Love the pic of the kids!

Beth said...

Yep, those are some of our new neighbors! I get asked if our boys are twins sometimes. It sort of confuses me, though. I mean, don't they look different ages???