Sunday, June 21, 2009

So familiar

A hint to what's going on around here:


We're moving....again! We've been married 10 1/2 years and this will be our 7th home. Wow. That's...that's...a lot! When you move a lot, though, you get used to it. There's something familiar about weeding through your stuff, packing it all up, hauling it someplace new.

But this is a good move, not one of necessity, but of nicety.
Is that a word?

This is Simba. He'll be one of our new neighbors.
I hope I can borrow a cup of sugar when I run out. Maybe a carrot or two.

Winnie has nothing to do with this post. But isn't she getting big? She loves the pond and it's constant access!

I know a lot of you have moved a lot too. Pray for us! It's going well so far, and this is the least nervous our kids have been about a move since they were babies and couldn't even understand a move. It's also the easiest move we've had so far, not including our move while we were in Korea where the movers did it all for us. But that's a post for another day.

More details to follow!


Kim said...

Wow! If those pictures are from your new homestead it looks gorgeous!! Can't wait to hear the details!

Emily said...

I don't like being left hanging...where is it??? Still Colorado?