Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving, a theme

It's moving time for us Dubé people. Which means not a lot of time for posting. Here's a blast from the past of our easiest move evah. Enjoy!
Oh, we were living in Korea at the time. This was first posted on September 30, 2006, about a month before Addison was born.

Here are the pictures of our new apartment. It's not perfectly clean, but I was afraid that might give you an unrealistic picture of how we really live!
This is the crane truck in front the apartment building.

The crane going up, up, up to our apartment. See it way up there? On the crane at the moment is Emma's bed and dresser. All the stuff was hauled up this way.
Our living room with veranda on the left (you can see Emma and Owen playing in the strollers out there).

Opposite view of living room. Entry just barely peaking through clear on the left (you can see the corner of the "foyer area."

Taken from living room into eating and kitchen area. My laundry room is in the back right of the kitchen. That is Owen's room to the left.

Our master bedroom.

Owen's (and the baby's) very sparsely furnished room. Don't worry, we'll change it!

Proud little girl in her very own room!

Our view out the front veranda. You can see mountains on a clear day.

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Teresa said...

Boy, does this ever take me back! I really miss you guys, and miss all the great times and talks we had in that apartment!