Wednesday, June 10, 2009


By marrying my man ten years ago, many of my ideas, thoughts and convictions have been changed in drastic, yet wonderful, ways. I could point to so many thought-provoking and meaningful ways this has played itself out, but I'll choose this one:

I have now been to a carnival.

The Carnie's were in town this weekend.


I never was a huge fan of the Carnival that just hops into town Thursday and is gone Monday. I grew up on Six Flags and Worlds of Fun, places that put up their roller coasters and other attractions with care and precision that took weeks, even possibly months and years, of planning before being put into action. I was raised to view the weekend carnival with derision and to avoid it like the death trap that is was.

Did I mention the carnival was in town this weekend? And we went.


This is the very serious talk we had with the kids before entering the gates. Something about only riding X number of rides, staying with us, funnel cake, blah, blah, blah. It all went sort of fuzzy after funnel cake. I hope the kids were listening better.

My girl rode her first ever gen-u-wine carnival ride.

It was..........
Do you remember this ride? That crazy ride that sucks you to it's side by spinning at mind-numbing speeds til you can actually climb the walls or even force your body upside down if you wanted to.

This was one of my favorite rides growing up.

I think it would make me barf now. Really.


It's possible my girl had some qualms about this very thing. Funny, I didn't even know this expression was on her face until I downloaded the pictures onto the computer later that night.


She leaped on quick enough, though. Never one to be outdone by a friend. That girl knows no fear!

Adam and I were nervous the whole time that thing was spinning our daughter's guts out.


No need to fear. She was rather taken with the feeling of no-gravity.


My boy and my baby did some thrill-seeking of their own. Woo-wee! Hang on, guys, that thing might just throw you off!


Cue heavenly music with angles singing and cherubs flying around with their little bows and arrows.
Funnel cake!


This, my friends, is true love.

Picnik collage

Getting down to serious business.


The sure sign of a good time. Either that, or he's in a sugar-induced coma.

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Hallie said...

I love the photo of the "talk." It's so very candid and they are all looking like they are listening intently! Great shots!

Taking photos at a carnival is one of my very favorite things to do. I will have to post some from last year. You have inspired me!