Thursday, June 25, 2009

As promised: The rest of our camping trip

I forgot to say yesterday: I'm dedicating these posts to our sweet friend Tucker and his family. They couldn't be with us last week and we missed them terribly. Our thoughts are with you all!

This post will be short and sweet.

finally a good one
To the point.

Not a lot of chatter.


Baby marmot
This one speaks for itself.


So does this one.
But I have to say one thing about these huge elk. They were everywhere. Even at the campsite! Our first night there, after the rain, a gang of about 50 elk walked through our camp. Crazy stuff.

This one especially babbles, does it not?

I have to say one thing here as well.
Have you ever been above tree line? I gaze at mountains everyday that are in this class. These summits are an Alpine Tundra. But I'd never actually been above tree line myself.
It is breathtaking.
And cold.
And beautiful.
And windy.
And cold.
And windy, too

I'll leave you with one last angelic shot.

That was right before this:

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