Friday, May 1, 2009

Wow, it's been a long week.

Fortunately, we've been blessed with some amazing weather.


So amazing we have been walking to school for drop-off and pick-up! The dog is in love with me, I tell ya.

Oh, she's in love with Addison, too. Can you tell?

This kid, too.

She's awful fond of Owen, as well. Does there have to be a picture to back everything up? I often ask myself that question as I'm snapping away. The kids' answer would be a definite, "No."


The creek we pass every day is irresistible. To both canine and kid alike.

This is our friend, Jack. He walks home with us a few times a week. I love the animation in a rock-throwing discussion. Intense.

May 1st. Today was amazing. I know I said that already. I feel the need to restate.


Because tomorrow it's supposed to snow.


Emily said...

It still looks so cold with the snow on the mts. but your kids are acclimated, t-shirts are the way to go, huh?

mwell said...

Oh bummer!
I hope you didn't get hit too hard.

I can't believe how big your 'puppy' has gotten! (...and her paws are HUGE!) She looks like such a sweetheart, though.

I pray you guys get a heat wave - soon!


mwell said...

Hi Beth!
Just wanted to wish you a very blessed Mother's Day!