Thursday, May 14, 2009

Korean biscuits?

010b-pb gone

Today, before lunch:

My boy: Mom, can I have one of those Korean biscuits with my lunch?

Me: Ummm, Korean biscuits?

My boy: Yeah. Korean biscuits.

Me: I don't know what those are. Do you mean kim bap?

My boy: No. Weeelll, not Korean biscuits. American biscuits?

Me: American biscuits? I don't have any biscuits, honey.

My boy: Oh. (Very dejected now.)

Me: (The light begins to dawn.) Oh! Do you mean English muffins?

My boy: Yeah! I knew it was some country!


Amber said...

I was just over at the Starrs' blog and saw your comment; am always thrilled to find other Colorado mom bloggers. I'm with Denver Post's, Colorado's largest blogging community. Would love to add you to our blogroll and have you join in the fun. Drop me a note if you're interested! amber at milehighmamas dot com.

Emily said...

You should send that to Readers Digest!!!!

The Breedloves said...

I love Owen. That smile looks like Addison to me....or the other way around. My favorite image is of him looking the other way with a soccer game (and in fact the ball) directly behind him. I miss him.....riding in Addison's stroller because he was too slow. Ahhh....the days.