Sunday, May 31, 2009

To all you fellow photo-editing-obsessed peeps out there:

Do you ever have that one photo you just can't stop tweaking this way and that?


Different crops.


Different exposure, colors, effects.


I probably wasted, I mean spent-quality-time-by-myself, on this one particular photo the other day. Just playing. Having fun.


There are more, if you can believe it. I have spared you. Be thankful.

Am I the only obsessed one out there?

Hello? Anyone?


Emily said...

I like to do a Photoshop tweak called "colorized". It looks a bit old fashioned but not as washed out. It's my favorite. (I used it on my chickens)

What a sweet picture of your daughter! She looks exactly like you.

mwell said...

I really want Photoshop or some sort of program. :-(

All I have is the edit function on Photobucket. It's 'okay' but I would love to have something better.
That photo is gorgeous...but that's a given considering your 'model' :-)


carrie said...

that's a cool shot. I like the first one.