Thursday, May 28, 2009

A painful trip down memory lane

The Pioneer Woman is visiting the Big Apple. Hey! I lived there! I loved New York!

Not my apartment, mind you, just The City and all it had to offer. If I had had 500 more feet, then I could have looked with more favor on my cubby hole called Home.

Oh, and fewer mice. It's New York, you can't hope for no mice, just fewer than the current number.

Back to my original thought...........The Pioneer Woman is visiting that great city. I started to get all nostalgic, till she mentioned they visited the Met and my mind wandered back to that amazing museum....then I felt the pit in my stomach do a 180.


If you feel like it this morning, you can take a gander back in time to what I have apparently blocked from my memory of that place of history. I still think it will be awhile before I can go back there without my hat, sunglasses, and fake mustache.


Emily said...

Well it's not like the painting fell or anything. P'shaw. The artists tossed their painting around I'm sure and didn't even have heavy duty frames. It's all good.

and (sorry) funny.

Kim said...

oh...I've been wondering if you read PW. I love her site! One of these days when I can eat again I'm going to make every recipe she has. For now though I eat her pico and guac. in excess! Still waiting to win one of her giveaways though. Hard to compete with the other 10000 people that enter!

mwell said...

That original post made me laugh so hard ( still does) because it is SOOOO something my kids would do! ;-)