Tuesday, May 12, 2009

coming out of the fog

I was informed today that it has been exactly 11 days since I last posted something of interest here.

Or posted anything at all.

Note: This will not be one of those interesting posts, unfortunately. But the longer I go in between a post, the more difficult it becomes to actually post something. So I'm just going to try and eek something out, sprinkled here and there with pictures that I have been taking the past 11 days, just to get past the big ol' blank space that's been here since May 1st.

Tracy, I love you. Thank you for giving the nudge.

On for some more really random randomness!


It's finally spring! I even have daffodils to prove it! No more looking with jealousy at all you other bloggers out there will tulips and crocus popping out all over your posts.


We're potty training. Again. But this time we mean it.


Emma's first school year is drawing to a close.


Next year I'll have 2 kids in school. How did that happen? Where do the years go? But more importantly, what will I do with just Addison in the house?!

This is not my usual post, for which I am happy to be able to say that in confidence. Thank you for putting up with some aimlessness today. Hopefully I haven't lost all my readers....I know Tracy is still out there!

Till next time.....which I promise won't be 11 days......

.........how cute is this little guy? He needs a name. Any suggestions???


Emily said...

I still read your posts! I don't always comment.

I'd name him "Fred".

Anonymous said...


I often wonder what life will be like when I have Luke at home for 3 years by himself. Strange. I guess he'll feel like an only kid.

Glad you posted again!


Anonymous said...

Yay - you're back! See - I told you I sometimes check MORE than once a day. :)

mwell said...

He looks so cute in his big-boy undies - lol!

I'm glad that spring is finally arrived. We had a 'temporary setback' with cold/rainy weather, and had to turn the heat back on this week. :-p

But at least everything's in bloom...including my allergies - LOL.
Glad to see you 'back.'