Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring (at least it's spring on the calendar!) always gets me in that organization mood. Fall does the same thing to me. Awhile back, I asked you all about recipe organization. Remember my out-of-control recipe box?
018 I took Tracy's idea. It was so simple and easy, I was sold!

I bought a pretty 3-ring binder at the store, some sheet protectors (boy, did those bring back memories of college projects!) and started sorting my recipes into categories. I stuffed the sheet protectors with my already-written/printed recipes (no typing them into the computer, which I was loath to do) and Voila!! Perfection.


Then, I realized I still had another over-stuffed-out-of-control recipe box (the one that got left behind when we left for Korea) that needed fixing. So, I did the same thing. Except then I needed another 3-ring binder. Now I have two pretty cookbooks, completely organized, each recipe protected from liquid spills. Now, perfection!

Thank you, Tracy, for the much-need great idea!


Emily said...

I did that last year as well. Can you believe how long we struggled along with pieces of paper everywhere? Now it's a snap.

Fifi said...

Beth .... I have been inspired by you to create an exciting weekly dinner menu. The other night I tried 3 new dishes on the kids(Hubby was away) and they only liked ONE out of the three !!! All my hard work down the drain !!! Is this how you experiment with new dishes ?..... or are my family VERY FUSSY ! Do tell.