Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I realize looking at picture upon picture of this:

is probably not very interesting to most people.

Truth: I am one of those people.

The above photo was taken yesterday afternoon. It's been snowing, can you tell?

The photo below was taken this morning. Do you see the differences?

In the first picture, you can see all the way back to the mountain side.

In the second, we might as well not have a field not 40 feet from my front door. Is it truly April 1st? Not my kind of an April Fools joke.

I prefer the Dairy Queen kind of Blizzard. One with Butterfinger, or maybe Oreos. Anything that could melt.


Emily said...

I'll take Oreo please. Yes, our state (WA) has had record rainfall and I'm SO darn bummed. Bring on REAL spring please??? pretty, pretty please? And Get Beth and Emily out of their weather problems.

mwell said...

I'll have snickers, please!

We're due to get more snow this weekend.
It's just not funny anymore - is it?