Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A part of my history

My dad sent me an email awhile ago titled "1960 Tigers". Missouri being the state I grew up in, there are plenty of tigers around, given the fact that Missura is Tiger Country. So I didn't really think too much of the email as I opened it up. What met my eyes made me sit up and take notice.

CHS Women 1

I realized these were pictures taken in the '60s. My parents' high school's mascot was the Tigers. This was their high school!

**Sidenote: Mom and Dad went to school together from 6th grade on, were friends, ran in the same crowd, etc., but never dated. Both went off to college, Dad in Oklahoma, Mom in Memphis. Freshmen year, they were both home on Christmas break. Dad called mom to go out. She was home. They went. The rest is history.**

I quickly scanned all the pictures, but this is the one that stood out.

Check out the gal second from the left.
CHS Women 1c
Sarah Travelstead. That's my mom. Woah! Wait. Why didn't I get those legs? And that poise? Was it a '60s thing?

While I did get the hair, I didn't get the hair-do. Mine was much more of an afro-do; frizz without curl. I managed to get it under control sometime in high school.

And can you imagine standing with those heels on? Much less walking with them on?

I. Am. Amazed.

And impressed. And thankful. This beautiful young lady grew up to be my mom, one of my best friends, the Domestic Engineer, a woman who loves her family passionately and, at times, blindly (thankfully).

CHS Women 1e

And if I had had even half the nerve to wear shorts this short in high school, I could have been a rock star. Seriously.

Dad, all I can say is you're lucky she was home that day. I love you guys!


mwell said...

Your mom was (and IS) beautiful,
and this was such a sweet tribute to her!

Isn't it fun to look back a generation and see what was 'in.'
(Now...let's just hope my kids never get ahold of those photos of me in 'parachute pants' with a Duran Duran hairdo.) ;-)

dianne - bunny trails said...

She's so lovely! What a great post, Beth. :D