Tuesday, April 14, 2009

O and the Kite

This is the story of O and the Kite. One day my boy made a kite. It was white and had a blue tail. It had orange drawings on it.

O loved his kite very much and couldn't wait for a gusty wind to fly it in.

The kite was sort of stubborn.

That could be because it was homemade. Or because it had a stomach ache. Or because, well, just because. Sometimes there just isn't a reason, is there?

Coaxing with much energy, O tried and tried to get that kite to fly.

A trusty side-kick is always imperative in an important operation such as kite-flying. A Sheriff will do nicely. He 's official, actually, see the badge?

So, O and the Sheriff got serious about this kite-flying business. If throwing the kite as hard as you can up in the air doesn't work, running is a logical next step.

Especially if you hold your tongue just right.

Hopes were as high as the wind.

But that kite would not fly.

Some might say this story has a sad ending.

But not these guys.

Not the Sheriff.

Not the dog.


And certainly not O.

The wind will rush again.


mwell said...

That was SO sweet!
He is just too adorable (and so are Addy and Winni.)

That wooden play structure in the back is impressive - wow!

Julie is going to a homeschool playgroup this weekend, and they are going to be making home-made kites, too. ( I think that it's supposed to be storming though - so she probably won't have a chance to fly them.)
Crazy weather!

dianne - bunny trails said...

Aw, what a very cute story. That's so fun! Hopefully he gets another gusty day soon to give it a whirl. :D