Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eating Kim bap in the sun

Is it here?

Could it really and truly be here??


The boys and I have enjoyed a picnic lunch the past two days on our deck. So warm. So inviting.

I've had a hankerin' for some good ol' kim bap lately. "Kim bap?" you say. "What's kim bap?"

Well, you know sushi? It's sort of like that, only, well, to be honest I don't really know the difference. Except when you ordered sushi in Korea you got this:

and when you ordered kim bap, you got this:

My boy loves kim bap. We made it in Korea once and I hadn't made it since. (Here's that story, if you can get past the winey-ramblings of a tired mom at the beginning of a post.)

Kim bap is the epitome of fast food in Korea. It's what moms pack in their kids' lunch box. It's sold at any restaurant. It has many variations. Chamchi kim bap is my favorite, however. Chamchi is tuna. Kim is seaweed paper. Bap is rice. Descriptive, no?

I found a sushi mat in Denver a couple of weeks ago after going to every conceivable store here in our valley to no avail. Apparently, sushi mats are not in high demand here.

Although I did find sushi paper here in town. And wasabi. (A necessary ingredient.)

The sun was shining today. I was in the mood to try something that was sort of new and exciting, as it had been two years since making this. We got busy at it and it was a success! My boy used to love this in Korea; he'll eat sushi now (raw tuna being his current favorite), but I wasn't sure about my baby. Overall, his tastes are fairly adventurous (both boys helped me finish off a plate of hot wings the other day!), but you never know. Seaweed can be a strange taste. He was born in Korea, though, that has to amount to something, right?

What do you think?

They lost no time, digging right in.

My boy soon dropped the chop sticks and went to what we like to call your natural chopsticks.

My baby? Well, he polished off the roll before you could say Wasabi.

Even the dog enjoyed a bite.

Curiosity peaked? Want to try it out yourself? It's Chamchi kim bap From the Stovetop! Come on, you know you want to!


Kim said...

You are lucky to have such willing eaters!! My kids would have run the other direction screaming at the mere sight of something so different! They are SLOWLY expanding their repetoire of things they are willing to eat. I guess it is my payback for being a picky eater as a child myself. Look at me now though-there is hope!
Any trips to MO planned for the summer?!

Emily said...

It's a great thing you're doing, training your kids to try 'different' tasting things. I admire that! It looked like regular sashimi to me. ;)

mwell said...

That is amazing!
(I can't even get my kids to eat cheeseburgers!)

And I have never even tried sushi (or kim bap!)

Spring is finally here, too -Yea!:)

Fifi said...

Everyone looks so happy eating your sushi ..... that is a good thing! When I made my 'shooosheee' I had to beg the family to eat it! NEVER AGAIN! I'm sure our cat even turned up his nose!