Sunday, March 29, 2009

Melting into Spring

*I originally wrote this on Feb. 25, but for some reason forgot to post it.

My roof is falling in. Either that, or the sky is falling.

Either that, or the roof shovelers are here.

Oh, that's it. Our roof, like most others here in Vail (at least in East Vail, I'm not sure about the other communities here), is covered with a nice, thick layer of ice (about 10 inches in our case) topped with anywhere from 2-4 inches of snow. As temperatures start to climb, things start to melt. And that ice starts to slide down the roof. Our roof is rather steeply peaked, and the walk up our sidewalk to our door has become rather unnerving. If one would happen to look up, one would see the roughly 12 inches of ice and snow absolutely looming out over the edge of the roof just threatening to crash down on any head it pleases. That's a little nerve-wracking, to say the least. Especially when you can hear the ice creaking.

Yesterday, the roof guys started on the back of our house, which is really the front. It's confusing. Anyway, I didn't get a picture of the roof before, but here's what it looks like now.


They are now working on the front, which is really the back.

This area was all mud just 30 short minutes ago.


Now, the snow will all have to melt again so the mud can dry to dirt, so the dirt can start to produce grass again.

Spring is a long way away........but it's getting closer! Today was a heat wave: 55 degrees!!


mwell said...

Oh man...I wish we had roof shovelers! We could use them around here, too.
%% sure sounds nice. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow - not a funny April fools joke if you ask me. ;-)

I hope spring comes soon for us both!


dianne - bunny trails said...

I'll bet some people never even heard of roof shovelers!! Ha! Ha! Ha!