Tuesday, March 24, 2009

D.I.Y. Puff Paint

Last week at our library's story time, the librarian made puff paint.
"How cool!" I thought. So I bought the ingredients:
Shaving cream (the kind that comes out already foamy. Barbasol works well.)
Food coloring (in the form of liquid paint, washable is preferred)


Mix ingredients together in a big bowl.
Voila! Puff Paint!

It won't take long for your kids' hands to be covered in the paint.
And the table.
And their hair.
And the walls.
So, here's my advice: Use washable paint to color your puff paint. I didn't and now I have blue in places I wish I didn't have blue.

As a study in contrast, please dialog the differences between the boys' gloriously crazy paintings with no regard whatsoever to an actual picture...
and ,my girls's ever so careful outlining of a cloud.

Oh, and any paint that mistakenly came to rest on her fingers was quickly rinsed away.

1 comment:

mwell said...

That looks awesome! We will have to try that one ( and...good idea on the washable part - lol!)

You're such a FUN mom!