Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Befores and afters

I mentioned yesterday we've been a cleanin'.

Here's proof, in before-and-after style.


Clutter galore, and then some.

What do you think about that snazzy D.I.Y.bookshelf there in the corner? Courtesy of my handy hubby. Thank you, Adam. Nice, very nice.

If we had a flat panel TV, we'd have it in the Chinese monk's chest over there where the current TV is. But we don't. Unfortunately, this currentTV works fairly well, so we can't justify a new one. But someday.

And, perhaps my seemingly smallest, yet most difficult accomplishment, the breakfast bar.

This is a catch-all in our home. No longer. Everything has been cleared off except pencils and napkins. From here on out, it is an actual breakfast bar. Emma even had, gasp, breakfast at it this morning.


Kim said...

Looks great! Our breakfast bar has the exact same problem. I clean it completely off (interestingly enough ours contains almost the same items...phone, pens, napkins and a holder for our bills.) Unfortunately, at least every other day it ends up looking like your before picture! I hope you have better luck keeping it clean!

Michelle said...

I am so impressed (and jealous.)
I have NO motivation to clean lately. :-(

Your home looks beautiful though! (When do we get a 'tour?') LOL

dianne - bunny trails said...

Color me jealous. My house is an utter disaster these days. I can't wait to be able to post such lovely b4 and after pix.

Nice job! Your house looks lovely. :D